Showcasing the work of 

Jorge Carabelli, Body Sculptor


I believe that Every Body is Beautiful.


Formerly a Classical Ballet Dancer, I work with clients to reveal their own grace and beauty.   It's not just casting a human form; it is conveying each individual's unique beauty.

                       Jorge Carabelli, Sculptor 

The Emotional Experience


We begin by talking so I can get to know a little about you, and how you naturally move and hold yourself. We try out several poses to find one that most expresses your personality. 

Models most often describe the session as "Freeing" and "Empowering."

The Technical Process


First I paint the skin with a silicone-based casting material, followed by a plaster layer.   The model/client holds the chosen pose for 20-30 minutes to create the mold.

Depending upon the size and complexity -- from small section of the body to a full torso

 -- the creative process that follows takes 

one to three weeks.

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